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Zenopa raised £210.00 for Cancer Research UK

Between 10th May – 10th June, 14 Zenopians set out to walk halfway along the UK’s coastline. No, not the actual coast, but the same distance – by walking along the local pathways.

The CSR event coincided with the direct mail summer campaign, where Zenopa is trying to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research through an online raffle.

“Zenopa walked halfway along the UK’s coastline for Cancer Research.“

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest leading independent charity devoted to cancer research. Cancer Research UK carries out scientific research to help diagnose, prevent and treat cancer and has found new ways to tackle cancer which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe.

Overall, the 14 Zenopians covered 3,223,225 steps, equivalent to the number of people within the company. Furthermore, Zenopa are delighted to have raised £150.00 for Cancer Research UK by 15 Zenopians + a Zenopa company contribution of £60.00! The money could cover 10x polyacrylamide gels, which separate different-sized bits of DNA and reveals vital clues about how to beat cancer. Alternatively, the money could be used to kit 30 research laboratories with the essential chemicals their scientists need for everyday experiments.

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