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Executive Search.

We are TALENT DRIVEN ▲ CULTURE FOCUSED. Zenopa understands that executive search requires knowledgeable, transparent and proactive specialist recruiters in your sector, who can manage the unexpected. Thus, we place the best talent for your business and culture.

Our headhunters are honest and open throughout the entire process, which has been recognised by our clients who value and trust our thirty years’ experience, to fulfil industry-leading executives for their business.

All our candidates are competency interviewed and a transcript of the interview is held on file. This we believe is unrivalled in the industry and provides complete candidate quality audit for our ISO 9001 systems.

What roles are covered by executive search?

We have an expansive network of Executive professionals, and the ability to map and contact all candidates with the desired skill sets across the UK in the public domain.

Consultation - Our specialists ensure a position specification has been written to accurately communicate the opportunity and the mandatory requirements of the position. We would also provide feedback on compensation expectations and ensure they are aligned to market conditions. Zenopa would then develop a strategy for talent attraction from targeted organisations.

Longlist & Engagement - Our specialists will compile a long list of suitably skilled candidates who we have engaged with - detailing their current /relevant job titles and companies worked for. Zenopa will utilize the person specification and agreed communication to engage with the candidate longlist.

Interviews - Zenopa will conduct initial screening interviews with aligned and interested candidates. An agreed series of questions will be utilised which will ascertain their experience, suitability and motivations.

Shortlist - Zenopa will provide your business with a shortlist of screen candidates. This will include a report on each, along with the answers to the pre-agreed questions from the Recruiter Interviews. Included within this will be candidate expectations, availability and current package details.

Interview Process - Zenopa will coordinate the interview process. This will include logistics, a consultative input on content and preparing the short-listed candidates accordingly. Zenopa will begin background checks on candidates selected for 2nd / Final interviews. Zenopa will also present full compensation expectations to the client prior to the final interviews.

Offer - Zenopa will work with the client to select the most aligned candidates and construct an offer that meets both parties needs and expectations. Zenopa will present the offer to the selected candidate and communicate any questions to ensure a successful engagement.

Targeted Search

Zenopa Executive has a 30-year database of candidates, which enables us to find the perfect match for your business. Our database includes engagement channels, which enables us to engage with them on different levels.

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